Who we are: We “give” people a different way of looking at the surroundings. We are a social enterprise, working in handicraft, where our in-house artists work together to produce beautiful pieces of art. 

What we do : What’s special about this venture, is that the artist associated with us are the poor and under privileged women and girls, trained by Craftpreneur under its training wing – HUNAR FOUNDATION, a social initiative of Craftpreneur, in association with other NGO partners. We give them a direction and a goal to pursue. These women are now working wonders!

Our endeavour is to take handicraft into society through programmes in social service and welfare projects.

  • We are proud of our products!
  • We are proud of their superior quality and striking design!
  • We enjoy our work!
  • We respect those who work with us!
  • We believe our organic, natural and eco friendly handcrafts are just enough to be addictive!

How: At Craftpreneur we celebrate India and every Indian women who is an artisan in herself. We provide under privileged women a platform to develop their skills and provide them sustainable livelihood opportunities. We are trying to bridge up the gap between the artisans and the customers. 

Our Vision

To enable poor and under privileged people live a life of dignity by

  1. developing skills that will provide sustainable livelihood opportunities.
  2. creating regular income flows to enable underprivileged people to work their way out of poverty.