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    Handmade Alpana Cards- Set of 5


    There’s no other way of making your special someone feel loved than by giving personalized,handmade greeting cards. Whether it’s his/her birthday, wedding anniversary, or a career promotion, handmade greeting cards can definitely give a smile on his/her face.

    Handmade cards are nurtured with love and effort by talented and creative crafters who aim to share their bundles of joy to everyone. If you do not have the time to make a greeting card, this is a good place that you can visit. Handmade greeting cards are reasonably priced and made of high-quality materials, therefore, you won’t have to feel worried about its sturdiness at all. You will definitely get your money’s worth and make your special someone feel delighted and ecstatic after receiving the handmade greeting card.

    – Colour – Golden Brown/ Pink

    – Dimension- 6″ x 4″

    – Material – Handmade Paper and natural white chalk(khadiya), raddle (laal geru)

    – Art Work – Alpana Art


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