Diary Big One More Page Please


Gift your best friend these handmade diaries which is exquisitely designed. This handmade diary is a perfect gift for your friends who love to write as the design of the diary lets one to think creatively. This diary has an added feature of a thread for binding, this feature reminds us of the diaries of the past which were known as “BAHI KHATA” in ancient times. The thread could also be used as a bookmark. The whole look of a diary takes us into a vintage period. The material is durable, light weight and easy to maintain. The handmade paper has much more life than a mill- made paper and is eco- friendly.

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  • Material:          Handmade Pap                                         ·Fabric :           Cotton
  • Art :                 Hand Written                                             ·Binding:          Unbound
  • No. Of Pages: 60                                                              ·Ruling:            Unruled

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Weight 510 gms g
Dimensions 17 x 20 cm

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